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WellLog is a data management and GIS program designed for well drillers to create and maintain a groundwater well database. WellLog allows you to eliminate your paper records, customize your company's letterhead and print or email well logs to your clients. WellLog includes a GIS mapping component for geo-referencing your well locations and provides access to the BC Ministry of Environment's Groundwater Well Database (WELLS).

Locate your client's wells accurately in Latitude/Longitude and UTM coordinates without a GPS using satellite or topographic map views. WellLog also supports full legal descriptions and you can search for any map location using a street address. Display wells from the WELLS database with direct links to the full Well Reports.  Locate, display or print your wells on maps at any scale.

For BC well drillers, the WellLog program can export well records in several file formats for submission to the BC Ministry of Environment or submit well data online with the EWELLS service  using WellLog's autofill-form feature. WellLog was designed so you never have to enter well data more than once!  Use the BCGS Map tool to search for over 80,000 well records for any region in BC or view your client's well locations against detailed maps anywhere in the world.

The latest version of WellLog includes a service to retrieve a surface elevation for anywhere in BC without a GPS.


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Why Choose WellLog?

  • Easy to use interface

  • 180 well data fields available

  • Customize company letterhead

  • Automatic data backup

  • Email well logs to clients

  • Customize well log forms

  • Export well logs to various formats

  • World map view of client wells

  • Search the BC WELLS Database

  • Smart lithology data entry

  • Geo-locate wells without a GPS

  • Get BC Elevation without a GPS

  • Search BC Place Names

  • Submit well data to EWELLS

  • Import well records

  • Free online support

  • Extensive Help facility


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Try WellLog for 30 days for FREE. If you decide not to buy you can save your well data in a Text or MS Excel or MS Access format.