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Download Adobe Acrobat's PDF Reader for free here. This software will enable you to read and print reports in PDF format.





We also provide services to convert your paper records into a WellLog database, or convert almost any type of data file for compatibility with the WellLog program. Our database format is 100% compatible with the BC Ministry of Environment's WELLS database.

Ship your paper well logs to us and we will transfer the data to a WellLog database file, which we place on a CD and return with your paper records. If you would like to convert data files into a WellLog database, you can send and receive all files via email and be up and running in record time.

Another option is to scan in your paper records and send the image files via email. Whichever method you choose, we will convert your well data quickly and accurately for a very reasonable price.

Depending on your requirements, converting each well log to a WellLog record typically costs $2 to $5 Cdn. Mail or email us a well log sample and we'll give you a free estimate. You can make your switch from paper to digital complete with WellLog and our data conversion services.

Send all inquiries, and attach samples or well record data to:


We will send you a reply within 24 hours.