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Why choose WellLog?

Ans: Because WellLog is simply the best Water Well Database management program on the market. WellLog was designed by well drillers specifically for the BC Well Drilling industry and is 100% compatible with the BC WELLS database. Eventually, BC well drillers will be required to submit their well records to the BC government and WellLog allows you to transfer your well records through the EWELLS online service so that well data need only be input once.  The WellLog web browser provides superior search capabilities to locate and display any well in the BC WELLS database against topographic or satellite maps up to 1:500 scale.

Can I save my well data if I don't purchase WellLog?

Ans: Yes. You can export your well data to a Text, MS Access, or MS Excel format. If you don't export your data before the trial period, then you can send us your database file and we will convert it for you.

Can I install a separate copy of WellLog on each of my PCs?

Ans: Yes. Registered users (companies) can purchase additional copies of WellLog for 20% of the full price. Download and install WellLog onto another PC and select "Purchase Copy" on the Purchase form. Use the "Import" feature to transfer well data between PCs to keep all copies of your database up-to-date.

How can I transfer well records to my other PCs?

Ans: You can copy your database (.db) file to another PC with WellLog installed and either overwrite the db file or, on the main data entry form, click on the "Options" button and select the "File>Import" menu item to transfer well data from one db file to another. This action will merge well records into the default database. You can then perform the same action to your other PCs to synchronize all copies of your database.

Do I need an Internet connection to run WellLog?

Ans: No, but an Internet connection is required to view maps and search the BC WELLS database and submit well records to EWELLS.

Is WellLog specific to BC well drillers?

Ans: No, but BC well drillers have more online services available.

How do I add a Tag Number to my well records?

Ans: On the main data entry form, click on the "Options" button and select the "Edit>Edit MoE Tag Number" menu item to add or edit the MoE assigned Tag Number for the current well record.

Why must I upload my well locations to display them on a map?

Ans: Single wells are mapped automatically, however, mapping your entire database requires uploading a data file, which lists the well location, owner and site address. All data files uploaded to the BCGS Map Interface are private and temporary. Your well data is never accessible by anyone else.

Does WellLog Services convert paper records into a database?

Ans: Yes. Send us your paper records and we will convert them to a database for a nominal fee. Click here for a complete description of our services.

Is WellLog Support free?

Ans: Yes. For registered users we provide email support for any WellLog related issues 7 days a week. We will respond within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Will WellLog work with Vista?

Ans: Not all features are compatible with Microsoft Vista, but 99% of the features are. When WellLog is updated for 100% Vista compatibility, registered users will be offered a free upgrade.

Why can't I search for BC Well Records on the MoE government website using Geographic coordinates?

Ans: Currently, the MoE WELLS website does not support searching for wells using Geographic coordinates. However, WellLog lets you search the WELLS database using Latitude/Longitude or UTM coordinates as well as BCGS Mapsheet ID and NTS. You can also use geocoding to search for wells by site address.

Will I have to pay for WellLog upgrades?

Ans: Minor upgrades that resolve any bug issues or improve the current features are free for registered users. Major upgrades will be $100 per site license (up  to 10 copies) for registered users.

I accidentally deleted some well data. How do I restore my database?

Ans: Every well record saved creates a backup file in the BACKUP folder. If your database file becomes corrupted or well records are inadvertently deleted, the data can be restored from one of the backup copies that are created each time a database is updated. A backup copy is automatically created in the \WellLog\BACKUP folder before the save and given the file naming convention e.g. 2006_08_18_10_50_16_mywells.db, (yr_mo_dy_hr_mn_sec_dbname.db). After selecting the backup file to restore, a new backup file is created for the current database and the old backup file then replaces the current database. Backup copies are maintained for 6 months then deleted from the \BACKUP folder.

How often does my database get backed up?

Ans: Every time a new well record is created a copy of the current database is created in the BACKUP folder.

How do I submit a specific well record to EWELLS?

Ans: See Submit Well Records to EWELLS

How compatible is WellLog with the BC MoE`s WELLS database?

Ans: 100% of the the well data fields in the BC WELLS database are represented in the WellLog database structure. The categorization of some of the data fields is different, but the WellLog database is comprehensive.

How do I locate a well without a GPS?

Ans: You can zoom in to a satellite view of a lot at 1:500 scale, select (click the mouse on) a location on the map then click the "Copy Location" button on the WellLog Web Browser toolbar. This action will copy the Latitude/Longitude and UTM coordinates, BCGS Mapsheet ID and NTS locations and Accuracy code into the current well record.

Does WellLog use Metric or Imperial units for well data?

Ans: Either. The default is Imperial, which can be changed to Metric when Printing or Emailing a Well Log Form.

Can I transfer all my User Preferences and Company Information to another PC?

Ans: Yes. You must copy file "WellLog.def" to another PC (don't overwrite the existing WellLog.def file) then from the main data entry form, click on the "Options" button then select menu item "File>Load User Preferences".  You then have the option to save the loaded user preferences to the default settings file.

When do I receive my registration code?

Ans: Once we receive your cheque or money order we will send you the code via email, which you can copy and paste into the WellLog program. If you purchase WellLog securely online then you will receive the registration code as soon as your order is processed.