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WellLog is much more than a data entry program for well drillers. WellLog creates and maintains a groundwater well database and can email well records to clients, display the GPS well locations against detailed topographic maps, search for detailed well records in the BC Groundwater Well Database (WELLS) and submit well records to the Ministry of Environment's EWELLS system.

The well records include a comprehensive list of well attributes such as client and driller information, lithology, location and legal data, well dimensions, pump information and water properties. See the Well Record Attribute List for a complete description of 180 available data fields.

WellLog was designed with an intuitive user interface that gets the user up and running immediately without the tribulations of learning a database management system. Once the program is installed, WellLog guides the user to setting up their company information and email services for contacting clients and web services. WellLog's help facility is always a click away and WellLog support is available 7 days a week.

The well log forms given to clients are professional looking and customizable with the company letterhead and logo, which can be printed or emailed directly from the WellLog program.  They can also include a topographic or satellite map with the client's well location for anywhere in the world.

WellLog includes a web browser component which accesses comprehensive topo-maps to accurately geo-locate client wells without a GPS. The browser also provides an interface to the BC Groundwater Well Database (WELLS) and the BCeID online well record submission application, EWELLS.  WellLog can display any well in the WELLS database and provides links to the detailed reports.  Well records can be submitted on-line using an autofill form feature so you never have to enter well records more than once!

Entering lithology information has been greatly simplified with a "smart" data entry feature that anticipates your entries and provides menu lists of standardized lithology descriptions, such as size, colour, hardness, texture and material.  These descriptions have been synchronized with the BCeID system, which can be auto-filled for on-line submission.

If you try WellLog and decide you want all your data imported from your current program into WellLog, we can convert your data for you.  If your data file is in a common format such as Microsoft Access (.mdb) or Excel (.xls) or FoxPro (.dbx) or Text, then you can send us the file and we will send you back the WellLog (.db) equivalent.  If you decide to try WellLog and not purchase the product, you can export your data into a Text of Excel (.xls) for importation into your current program.  If you require a specific data file format, we will even help convert the file for another program for you. We don't want you to ever enter data more than once!